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Luisma’s Farewell

Luisma Villa has written an open letter to all Barnet FC supporters after deciding to leave the club in order to return home to Spain.

The letter, handwritten in his native Spanish, reads as follows:

"I have nothing but thanks for all of you who during these last two years have made me feel so loved.

"My head is telling me to spend some time closer to home and after spending a lot of time thinking about it I have made the decision to go back. It has been a difficult decision – perhaps the hardest one that I have ever had to make – but I know that it is the right one.

"I would like to thank both the Chairman and Martin for being so understanding about my situation and would add that they have both done everything possible to convince me to stay, something that has made me feel even more valued than I already did.

"I also want to thank every single Barnet fan that has always given me their support since the first day that I arrived here – it has been a real pleasure to play for you all. You are an exemplary group of supporters who have travelled hundreds of miles with us and have always known how to lift the team at every stage. Without doubt, I will always keep you in the deepest depths of my heart.

"Thank you to all of the teammates that I have had during the last two years that from the very beginning have always made me feel a part of the team and who have always helped me as much as they could.

"I should also mention Dick, Uli, Omar, Edgar, Kosta and Pete – with whom I learned so many positive things and shared some incredible moments during my first season. There are certainly plenty more people who I should thank, but I simply cannot name them all.

"I wish you all the very best of luck for the forthcoming season. I do not want to bid farewell with a ‘goodbye’; I would prefer to do so with a ‘See you later!’"