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MacDonald and Cowler released

Martin Allen spoke to the club’s official website this morning to bring supporters up to speed with how preparations for the new season are progressing. Here’s what he had to say:

"Following a couple of busy weeks meeting players and agents I am pleased that we have now signed two new players to our team for next season. Both are currently getting paid by their own clubs and we will let you know who they are just as soon as we can.

"I had a long, long chat with Charlie MacDonald and we have decided that Charlie will not be offered a new deal with Barnet. Charlie has been a tremendous help to me throughout the season as well as an excellent player on the pitch. During the last couple of months of the season he played on with his knee injury and was very rarely training to protect his knee to enable us to use him if we needed a goal. He is a model professional and has been a leader in the dressing room and a superb coach. He had a very minor cartilage tidy-up operation yesterday and I have invited him back to pre-season training to help him with his football fitness and I have reiterated to Charlie that if he doesn’t find something and I don’t get what we want then the door will still be open.

"I also had a long chat with Sam Cowler yesterday, and, in a similar way to Jack Saville, I feel that Sam needs to get out and play and prove himself as a goalkeeper in his own right. Sam is a superb trainer, very popular with all of the players and has been a great help throughout the season.

"Jon Nurse is away on holiday and I will be speaking to him about his future next week when he returns.  

"Negotiations are ongoing with our other players but I must reiterate that I need to strengthen the team and improve the team and work out how much we can fit into our budget."