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Martin Allen: “It was an excellent team performance”

Martin Allen was full of praise for his team, following the Bees 3-0 win against Leyton Orient.
Speaking after the match, Martin said:
“I thought it was an excellent team performance from start to finish.
“It was local derby of course, with Leyton Orient going for the playoffs.
“But with the full backing of a lot of supporters, I thought that we dominated the game from the start to the finish – we fully deserved the win. 
“We played with tenacity without the ball, to get it back.
“With the ball, I thought we played some excellent football.
“It was an absolute pleasure to watch the players today, and I’m absolutely delighted for them.
“It’s another marker down, for how far we’ve come in such a short space of time.
“It was a terrific effort, and we finished with a couple of youth team players on the pitch at the end too, which was great.
“We’ve got a very small squad, we can’t pay big wages, but we’ve managed to put together a fantastically tight unit who take on everybody.
“This team was mid-table in the Conference when I took over a couple of years ago.
“But this group of players, plus our young players coming through, are working towards our future.
“We’ve done ok – it was good for this club to be safe in March.
“Now we’ve got to get to the next stage, which is for us to challenge next season. 
“I’ve got to put together a team that is going to challenge, and we will.
“It was a poor first twenty minutes last week against Morecambe.
“In the players defence, that was down to me. 
“I trained them wrongly; I didn’t train them with the same intensity that we normally work to, and we played a different style and a different shape. 
“I backed off, and it didn’t work.
“Today we were back on it – we started our work on Tuesday for this match.
“It was never going to just be a ‘mess about’ game, it was a local derby that I wanted to win.
“God bless them, they played extremely well and there were some fantastic performances. 
“But the number one thing that was key was the team performance.”