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Martin Allen: “There was real discipline and courage”

Bees’ manager Martin Allen was pleased with his side’s performance in difficult conditions, after ten-man Barnet beat Bristol Rovers at The Hive. 
Speaking after the game, Martin said:
“It was a good win – the players played extremely well.
“It was very difficult with the wind and the rain.
“The players put in a tremendous performance, after a lacklustre, disappointing performance last week.
“It’s been a real struggle this week – I’ve had the flu for nearly two weeks now.
“So the players have given me a massive boost and a big lift.
“It was a good day and it was nice to end the game with the supporters happy. 
“I think they could tell how difficult it was for the team to defend against the wind, and to defend with ten men.
“I think they could see that all of our players did a really disciplined job to keep out Bristol Rovers.
“They’ve got a very good away record and several very good players – we kept them out and did our jobs.
“I thought the crowd were brilliant.
“I was happy for them, because I thought it was a much better performance.
“I think they could see that was a proper Martin Allen team, and I like that!”
Martin reflected on Andy Yiadom’s red card, saying:
“I thought it was a great tackle, I didn’t even think it was a foul.
“I’m not being rude or disrespectful to the referee, but I thought it was a great tackle.
“I will look at it again on the video – I may be wrong and the referee may be right.
“He was closer than me and you have to respect his decision.
“I’m almost certain that we’ll appeal it, but we’ll look at it more closely on Monday morning and go from there. 
“The referee doesn’t get the benefit of a replay of course.”
The Bees manager also discussed the performance of goal scorer Gavin Hoyte:
“It was another goal from a set play,” he said.
“We’ve worked hard on them over the last couple of weeks, because it was a necessity to improve that area of our game.
“Gavin Hoyte’s a good player and I haven’t given him enough chances.
“I made an error not playing him last week at Northampton. 
“I’m delighted to have him back in the team – I need to help him and look after him.
“I don’t think we’ve really seen the best of him yet, and I need to help him get the best out of himself.”
Martin went on to sum up today’s game, saying:
“It was disappointing last week against Northampton, and I was sat in the technical area with the flu, feeling awful. 
“But today has been a great spoonful of medicine; watching our team play and put in such a good performance.
“There was real discipline and courage.
“That’s the sort of performance that makes me proud and makes me happy.”