Barnet Football Club



Martin Allen: “Today was a very clinical performance”

Martin Allen was pleased with his team’s disciplined performance this afternoon, as the Bees ran out 2-0 winners against Dagenham & Redbridge.
Speaking after the match, Martin said:
“It had been three weeks since our last game – the players have all trained very hard in that time and we had a few days off to rest people.
“But some of the players hadn’t played for a while, so it was good to get them out there today.
“All credit to the staff as well, who have kept the players fit and sharp over this period. 
“Today is another clean sheet for our team, which after the Northampton game was obviously high priority.
“Since then it’s now been four clean sheets in a row.
“We didn’t have that many chances today, and it probably wasn’t fantastic for our supporters to watch.
“But it was better having two players up front for a change, which was good for us.
“And again it was good to get another one of our youth team players from last season – Fumnaya Shomotun – on the pitch at the end. 
“The players have worked very hard on the training pitch, kept in good shape, and kept focused. 
“They kept their discipline today – we thought that there might be some pressure in the second half, but we managed to keep them out. 
“It was obviously good to get that second goal.
“Perhaps we had a couple of chances at the end as well.
“Dagenham are near the bottom of the league and things haven’t been going that well for them recently. 
“But they’ve had some performances where they were very close to victory; 2-0 up away from home at Newport, and Northampton scored a wonder goal to beat them a few weeks ago. 
“They’ve been very unlucky in a few other matches too, so we knew it was going to be a difficult game – as it always is with John Still’s teams. 
“I think Dagenham have still got hope and they’ve still got a chance, because there are a lot of games to go.
“It was their third game in a week which isn’t easy for them, whereas we were coming into it fresh.
“I think that showed today.
“There have been a few games this season where we’ve been particularly unlucky away from home.
“Then there have been a few times where we haven’t played very well and not lived up to the standards that we’ve set.
“That’s been disappointing of course.
“But there have been other games where I think that we’ve been a little bit unlucky – where some of the decisions that have gone against us haven’t been right.
“There have been some moments where the ball has hit against the inside of the post and rolled along the goal line for example. 
“But today was a very clinical performance where everybody did their jobs effectively and efficiently.”
The Bees manager reflected on the performance of goal scorer Luke Gambin, saying: 
“This has been the first season that Luke has played regularly at Barnet Football Club, and he’s 22 years old.
“He was in and out, and used as an impact sub last year.
“This year he’s played virtually every game.
“We’ve explained to Luke that with the position that he plays, there have got to be more goals and more assists for us to win games. 
“But today’s goal was just brilliant.
“If he’s going to be in the team, that’s what he needs to do. 
“You’ve got to have players getting those goals and getting into double figures – like Cook and Luisma did last year.
“We’ve missed their goals, but it’s something that Luke has really worked hard at and focused on.”
Martin was also full of praise for debutant James Pearson:
“He’s a good player,” he said.
“He’s been through a hard time and a rough period in his life.
“When he came on I thought that he improved us.
“With his long throw down the outside, the next phase of play came from his long throw.
“It took us into the final third, and we all know what happens if you keep getting entries into the final third – chances can happen, which is good for our forwards.
“That’s where our second goal came from, after his two long throws down the pitch.
“It may sound pretty basic and it may sound old fashioned.
“But it’s our job to get points, not look beautiful.
“It’s our job to win games, and it’s a massive asset to have people in your team that can throw it that far."