Barnet Football Club



Martin Allen: “We looked dangerous”

Barnet manager Martin Allen was pleased with his team’s performance against a strong Oxford United side this afternoon.
Speaking after the match, Martin said:
“It was a very good performance.
“From start to finish we looked dangerous – we tried to play a little bit on the counter-attack.
“I came here two weeks ago to see Oxford play Swindon.
“I was sat up in the Directors’ Box, and on the 65th minute my Oxford-supporting mate nudged me and said ‘how are you going to stop them?’
“Because they absolutely dominated against Swindon.
“I just laughed and smiled – I said ‘we’ll come here and win, without a shadow of a doubt.’”
“We put a plan together and we put a team together to carry it out.
“I think it’s fair and reasonable to say that Oxford had a big game on Tuesday night when they beat Plymouth – it was probably their big game of the week.
“Then they see little old ‘two-bob Barnet’ coming here, as I said to the players – for the crowd and the players here I wouldn’t have thought that was too stimulating. 
 “I wouldn’t imagine that there was too much adrenaline after Tuesday’s excellent performance.
“I just thought it was the right time to come here and play them.
“We played extremely well and deserved to win.
“We haven’t got any scouts at Barnet – I just have to get reports from other mates in the game.
“But I was lucky enough to come down here and watch Oxford play, and I know what good players they have.
“To come here with Barnet and beat them here – it’s a credit to the players, to all the supporters, and it’s a good day out for us.
“We had a bit of luck – they hit the inside of the post just before half time and it rolled along the goal line.
“But how many times have we hit the post, the cross bar, or the goalkeeper has made world class saves against us this season?
“It’s been amazing how many times we’ve been unlucky.
“Today when we counter-attacked, we looked dangerous with the pace that we’ve got in the team.
“We made a few changes to the group, and they responded very well.”