Barnet Football Club


Barnet manager Martin Allen has revealed his disappointment that the Bees didn’t make the most of their opportunities, following today’s 2-0 defeat to Luton Town.
Speaking after the match, Martin said:
“I thought that we did alright, but to come here you’ve got to do better than alright.
“After we’d weathered that initial storm early on I thought we were in control – we had several opportunities where crosses went across the six-yard box, but no one was in there to convert them or get ahead of their defenders.
“You’ve got to make those chances happen – when you come here you’ve got to have everyone on their game, and today there were too many players short.
“At 1-0 I thought we were dominating the game and everything was down their end.
“They scored on the counter-attack, which was disappointing. 
“But what I suppose is more disappointing, is that we’ve had crosses going across that six yard box numerous times, had numerous opportunities, but we haven’t had anyone in there to get to the ball first – to make it theirs, and get something out of the game.
“Over the past month the whole squad has been fantastic.
“But today I think it’s fair to say that we’ve dipped below our standards.
“I can’t knock the players, because I think that they have been absolutely superb."