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Martin Allen: “We’ve got to do better”

Barnet manager Martin Allen has revealed his disappointment with the Bees performance, in the 3-1 defeat against Mansfield Town.
Looking back on the game, Martin said:
“The performance was ok, but just about ok really – we can play better than that.
“After having such a good run it’s been a disappointing couple of weeks.
“We were playing so well, with so much spirit, self-belief and tenacity.
“Mansfield lost 2-0 at home during the week, and their manager said after the game how they lacked that desire.
“For any manager and any team, you need to have that in your group.
“Today I thought it was just ok – in the games that we’ve won we’ve been tenacious and fought with real passion.
“But we can probably put this match into the same category as the Luton and Notts County matches – I think the games have been very similar.
“In every game we play, every player has to be on their game.
“We’re not a ‘silky soccer Brazilian team’, we’re hard working and everyone has to do their job within our team.
“That’s how we won a championship last year, and at the moment we’re just lacking in a couple of little areas and it’s costing us dear.
“Saying that, we had the chances in the second half – their goalkeeper pulled off a couple of world class saves – to get something with ten men.
“But it’s still a disappointment, that’s for sure.
“It’s frustrating for the players. 
“But I think that they, like myself, know that we’ve got to do better.
“We got promoted up to this league, we knew there would be some tough weeks and tough times, and now you can’t turn your back – you’ve got to face it and deal with it.”
Explaining John Akinde’s absence from the starting line-up, Martin said:
“John Akinde’s hamstring has been a bit tight, so he’s been rested really.
“He’s been fantastic for Barnet Football Club since I’ve been here and he’s been a great signing.
“I think he probably needed a little break and a rest, but there’s no doubt that he’ll be playing next Saturday, that’s for sure.
“When he came on today I thought he looked much stronger, had more pace, and more energy about his game – that’s been lacking recently.”
The Bees manager was also pleased with Nicky Bailey’s performance, in his first start since returning to the club:
“I thought Nicky Bailey did really well – it’s good to have him back in,” he said.
“It’s been difficult for Nicky because he hasn’t had enough games, but he’s been training really hard.
“He brings experience, knowledge and knowhow.
“I was really pleased with his contribution, from where he is fitness-wise.
“He’s a good player to have in the group – he’s got self-belief, confidence and a huge desire to win.”