Barnet Football Club



Martin Allen: “What a comeback that was!”

Martin Allen was pleased with his side’s late comeback, following this afternoon’s 2-2 draw against Accrington Stanley. 
Speaking after the match, Martin said:
“It was great wasn’t it – to beat Portsmouth on Tuesday and then come and draw up here when they’re third of fourth in the league. 
“We made all those changes after playing so well on Tuesday night. 
“All the lads who were subs the other night came in and played – I had full confidence and full belief in them.
“It was another full debut for the young 18-year-old in our squad, Fumnaya Shomotun. 
“It’s not an easy place to make a debut against a very good team. 
“You’ve got to remember that they beat Oxford United 2-1 away last week, so they’re a good side. 
“They were 3-0 up against Notts County and absolutely cruising, and they’ve got good players.
“So I thought we needed to freshen it up with the lads who didn’t get a chance on Tuesday.
“And what a comeback that was! 
“At 2-0 down you’ve got to say ‘what a brilliant tactical change that was by the manager’!
“When we we’re playing with ten men we put three up. 
“They nearly scored to make it 3-0 but our keeper made a brilliant save. 
“It’s got to be one of the highlights of my 500 games!
“It’s a great effort from all of the players and all of the staff. 
“I think that everyone in our squad has played this week – that makes me happy.
“It’s also the second 18-year-old to make their full debut this week – that’s good for our future.”
The manager went on to discuss the injury to Chris Hackett in the second half, saying:
“It was three feet in front of me and I saw it clearly with my own eyes. 
“Their lad has made a great tackle, but he’s followed through and he’s hurt him.
“I don’t know how long he’s going to be out for, but it’s probably going to be for the season. 
“So it’s a real blow.
“But it did galvanise us, and sometimes mentally it does affect the other team.
“We went forward, they sat back, and it’s happy days – a great point. 
“It is special – to come here and get a point against a team that’s on top form. 
“There weren’t that many people here who came up from London, but God bless them, at 2-0 with ten men they probably though it was all over.  
“But then to come back, and to see them all by the tunnel celebrating with the players at the end, it makes me proud and of course it’s special.”