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Martin: “It was a good response”

Martin Allen was pleased with his players’ response to last weekend’s defeat to Lincoln, and praised their “professional performance” as they bounced straight back to defeat Nuneaton 2-0 at Liberty Way on Saturday.

Speaking after the game, the Barnet manager said:

“I’ve got to say, I thought that it was a very impressive performance with good discipline, two goals, a clean sheet – just a solid, sensible, professional, honest performance.

“I thought that it was a good response from all the players that played last week against Lincoln. After last week’s game, everyone was a little bit deflated and a little bit disappointed but it was the response today that I expected.

“They have been very good and very focused in training but as a manager you never know what is going to happen on a Saturday afternoon.”

Martin was particularly pleased with the shared contribution of all of his players, and reserved special praise for the application of two of the substitutes that came on during the second half, as well as his captain

Charlie MacDonald who doubled his goal tally for the season with a brace against the Boro:

“All the players played their part and their role in the team. We could perhaps have had a few more goals, more on the counter attack because the wind was very strong. You had to be down on the side of the pitch to realise how difficult it actually was to get out of your own half.

“I thought that Keanu was very impressive today when he came on so I was delighted with him.

“Jamal Lowe has done very well in training recently, he has been lively and bright so we gave him a chance to go and play up front.”

“Charlie has been a good pro. He was coming off whether he scored the penalty or not. He trains really hard and he helps me. I get advice and guidance from him. He’s a decent player and he’s a decent bloke.”

The manager was also keen to highlight the role of the Barnet fans in helping the players to achieve the win, praising their constant support throughout the game:

“There were a lot of supporters up here today behind the goal and they were singing their hearts out from the start to the finish. I think that there is a nice little relationship building there and things are moving along nicely.”

However, Martin admitted that he was already focusing on the next game, having called the players together on the pitch at the final whistle and urged them to immediately turn their attention to the visit of Dartford to The Hive on Monday:

“I don’t think I’ve said well done to anyone after the game, all I spoke about was getting them ready for Monday.

"There was no de-brief after the game, it was only: ‘Get in dressing room, get warmed down, get some good food inside you, get in the ice bath and let’s go home.’”