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Martin: “It’s all guns blazing once again”

Good morning to all Barnet supporters; especially those that made the long journey down to Plymouth on Tuesday night.

It was a good performance from the team, and a very disappointing outcome after a fantastic performance from our players. I can only say a massive thank-you to all the supporters that made that trip and gave us such great backing down in Plymouth.

There’s no reason to be downhearted; the team are playing well, working hard, they are committed and they are giving everything that they’ve got. There are things that I can tweak here and there, and I will do. But overall, for me the players are doing a superb job. We’ve hit the woodwork so many times; the number of times we’ve hit the crossbar, the posts and had things cleared off the line this last couple of months has been quite remarkable. We must keep believing in ourselves – surely sooner or later our luck has got to change. Our finishing has at times been very unlucky, and at times it could have been better.

Overall we’ve just taken six points from our last three games, averaging two points a game – that is, in my mind, a good and positive way of looking at it. We’ve just played a team that are second in the league, and given them a good run for their money. I thought that a couple of weeks ago we gave Portsmouth more than an almighty scare, with the way that we’ve played and committed ourselves.

We go into this London derby against Wimbledon with what I imagine will be a good traveling support, after last week’s superb performance against Dagenham & Redbridge. So it’s all guns blazing once again – I’m sure we will have a lot of fans there, making a lot of noise. In training this morning the message to the players will again be: same again, keep it going, keep believing, let’s go and put on another good performance. Hopefully we’ll be bring three points back across London to The Hive.

Thanks again to all those who made the trip to Plymouth. I really wanted to pop over and buy you all a cup of tea, but the fourth official said I wasn’t allowed to go over and climb into the stand! But hopefully one day soon, on one of those long away trips, I’ll be able to go over to the canteen behind the stand, buy you all a cup of tea and have a chat.

God bless you all.

See you all tomorrow.

Thank you for your help and support.