Barnet Football Club


Martin: “Players will be playing for their places”

Martin Allen will be making changes to the team for the Bees trip to Molineux on Tuesday. Speaking to, Martin said:

“As we all know cup competitions can be a great leveller.

“We’ve seen that over the years, and all football supporters are well aware of that one.

“We’ll make a lot of changes to the team after Saturday’s performance, which I thought was pretty disappointing.

“A couple of people need resting because of injury, and a lot of people won’t be playing because I don’t think they played well enough.

“They didn’t earn the right to play in this game for us, against Wolves tomorrow.

“Not all the players are fit, but I think those that are should be ready after Saturday’s disappointment.

“We didn’t do ourselves justice.

“In some of the other games that we haven’t managed to win, I’ve always been very happy with the performance.

“On Saturday I wasn’t happy with the performance.

“I hated the result, and I thought it was a very disappointing afternoon for all of us.

“It was difficult to watch it, and I can empathise with our supporters that made the trip down there.

“What I would say is that we’ve played five games, and of those five matches that’s the first time where we haven’t performed well and done ourselves justice.

“In all the other games, even if we haven’t won them we’ve had a right go and shown a real Barnet spirit.

“That’s what I’ll be looking for tomorrow night, and now players will be playing for their places.”