Barnet Football Club



Martin: “The points will come”

Barnet manager Martin Allen was full of praise for his side, in the wake of their 3-1 defeat to Portsmouth.
Speaking after the match Martin said:
“I thought we played very well from start to finish.
“It’s a great place for our players to come and play – after playing in the Conference last year, it’s good to come to a ground with support like this.
“It’s a massive step up for all of us.
“I thought the players did our club proud and did themselves proud.
“I think every Portsmouth supporter will say that Barnet played well today; even through to the 91st minute when we had a chance to equalise.
“The team just kept going and going, pushing forward to try and get an equaliser, and then conceded another goal.
“The second goal – how far offside that was I don’t quite know.
“The linesman did put his flag up and everyone stopped, as you do when there’s an offside.
“Then he put it down again and they waved play-on.
“So we’ve been hit hard by that one.
“Was it a penalty in the first half when Luke Gambin was brought down when he was one-on-one? I don’t know.
“We’ve come to probably the best team in this division and I think that we’ve given a great account of ourselves.
“I think we’ve conducted ourselves properly, and that every player in our squad has given everything that they’ve got.
“It was perhaps disappointing not to get anything from the game, but I think the overall performance from our players was spot on.
“We’ll do what we always do – go back in to train, get our work done and prepare for the next game.
“The points will come, no doubt about that.”
Speaking about the decision to play goalscorer Andy Yiadom in central midfield, Martin said:
“I knew that they were a passing team and that they knock the ball around.
“At times you get overrun in midfield playing against this team; that’s what they do, that’s their way of playing.
“You have to have athletes in the middle of the pitch.
“I thought that Andy Yiadom was superb, but he plays well whatever position you put him in.”