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Martin: “We can all do better”

Good morning.

I decided to change things around this week, because I was very disappointed and a bit frustrated with last weekend.

Last Saturday we put in a very good performance to beat Dagenham.

Then I think that it was another good performance against Plymouth on Tuesday, despite not coming away with anything.

But on Saturday we didn’t manage to get up to our normal standards and our normal levels for some reason.

I must admit that I was upset; I went to watch Michael McIntyre on Sunday night and I don’t think that I heard one joke that he said!

All I’ve done is think about the weekend and what I could have done better – what I could have done and should have done.

We’re never going to know the answers, but some of the options that I had were a little bit limited.

So I had all the players in on Monday, which is a little bit unusual for us – to talk about things and hear their points of view.

I gave them Tuesday off, and now for this next game we’ve got them in for three days; Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

I’ve changed our training pattern.

We’re a quarter of the way through the season now and I think we’re doing ok.

But if I was a school teacher writing a report, I would put on it: “This team has done ok but there is definitely room for improvement, and they can do better.”

I include myself in that, not just the players. We are all as one, and I think we can all do better.

The Hive was buzzing at the last home game when we played really well.

Now I have to help the players to play better; that’s my job and my challenge.

It’s certainly one that I’m enjoying.

I’m looking forward to Saturday afternoon and getting back out in front of our own fans.

I think the last home game was one of the best atmospheres that we’ve had here at home.

This place is starting to take shape in my opinion – it’s starting to feel like a home again.

It’s buzzing and we’ve got to keep it going.

We need to keep backing the players and supporting them.

With a little bit of luck and a bit of better play, we can get on a roll and make this season a very exciting one.