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Martin: “We didn’t play well”

Barnet manager Martin Allen has revealed that he was disappointed with his team’s performance against Accrington Stanley this afternoon. 
Speaking after the match, Martin said: 
“I thought it was a disappointing performance.
“Far too many players weren’t on form – we didn’t play well. 
“It’s all well and good people saying that we played well in the last 20 minutes, it’s too late.
“In the last home game we were absolutely superb and put in a great performance for our supporters.
“Today, for some reason, we were second best all over the place.
“We could have passed the ball better, competed better and won our tackles better. 
“We never won the knock downs and we lacked penetration.
“I thought it was dull to be honest.
“Yes Accrington have been on form, and they’ve had a few good results – and yes, they have got some good players.
“But it’s very rare that people come here and beat us like that.
“I need to chat with the players – they need some help at the moment.
“They didn’t set off from their houses this morning with the intention of not playing well.
“So I need to help them, I need to look after them, and I need to guide them forwards.
“We’ve had two excellent home performances here before this game.
“So we need to keep level and calm, and try and help the players through it.
“They’re good players and they’re good people. 
“They don’t become bad players overnight.
“Some of them just looked a bit heavy legged today, which comes from a heavy mind.
“We’ve got to clear out that negative attitude.
“There’s bound to be little spells like this – we had little spells like this last season.
“I don’t think we played very well at Wimbledon last week.
“We had a bit of a go today, but we lost far to many battles.
“But the players have got it in them.
“I know they’ve got it in them, and without a shadow of a doubt they will come bouncing back.”