Barnet Football Club


Martin Allen spoke to this afternoon, following training at The Hive.

Reflecting on last weekend’s match against Portsmouth, Martin said:

“I think they did very well.

“Once again there are little areas to improve – individual errors have cost us dearly.

“But overall I think we gave a good account of ourselves.

“A couple of bits and pieces that were out of our hands also cost us.

“Having seen those incidents and moments on the DVD, those decisions have gone against us – there’s no doubt about that.

“But we have to live with it now.

“Everyone just gets on with it.

“With our jobs you have the ups, you have the downs and you have the tough times.

“The players are pretty resilient people.

“They probably wouldn’t be here if they weren’t, and they wouldn’t have won a championship or had successful careers if they didn’t fit into that mould.

“It’s surprisingly how quickly they bounce back, get onto the training pitch and get training going.

“Then you’re on your way to the next game.

“I’ve reviewed the decision with Jamie Stephen’s sending off.

“I don’t think it was harsh and I think it was a yellow card for the tackle.

“So I think the referee got that one right – however the player that ran through was clearly three yards offside; that was obvious to everybody.

“But Jamie is suspended for one game and we can’t do anything about that.

“Graham Stack won’t be available for this weekend, so we’re going to have to try and get someone in this week.”