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Martin: “We must all grab it”

Well, good afternoon to all Barnet supporters. I thought that today I’d like to share my thoughts and feelings after what has been a tricky and testing time for the players, staff, all of our supporters and of course myself.

I am well aware that after leaving your club twice I may not be everybody’s cup of tea, which is quite understandable and one of the reasons why throughout the season when we have won games on a regular basis home and away I have not had regular communication with all of our supporters as I felt it best to keep a low profile so as not to upset anybody.

However, after seven months of being top of this league we now find ourselves with nine games to go in second place after some performances that have seen us play well at times, make a few errors here and there that have been punished, a few decisions go against us and that general feeling on and off the field that the bigger clubs and big spenders can take us.

I had a long chat yesterday morning with the players and reminded each and every one of them that they are good players; that they are a good team and that with nine games to go it is in our hands. I reminded them that we played really well for an hour on Saturday and I reminded them what it was like her with all the supporters singing and chanting and appreciating their quality, their passion and their togetherness. We might not get seven thousand in and we can’t pay mega wages but what we have done and what we have got is what has got us to the top of the league, and that is something very special.

Money is available for new players like all of the other clubs that have been throwing it around. I told the Chairman early on Monday morning that I have total faith in everyone in our squad. I told him that these are the players that got us to the top, that these are the players who have played a cup final every week and that these are the players who can fulfil all of our goals. So nobody will be joining.

Now, whether you all like me here or not, there can only be one way going forward. They are all your players and they need your backing, your support and your help.

They are a tremendous group of people that train hard, who conduct themselves in the right way, and now they need to get their shoulders back, take a few deep breaths and show how good they are – and I think that your backing of all of our players is essential.

I must say just to finish, as I am sat in my car ten minutes from the ground at Kidderminster ready for this game tonight, that I am very proud of the players, staff and supporters who have made the last seven months so special.

Having won a Championship two years ago I know that we have what it takes on and off the field. It would be great to see as many of you as possible down at Eastleigh which is not far away, the game away at Halifax is a long way and I’m sure very difficult for many people to get to, and then it is on to Welling at home – and I think it is best to get those two away games out of the way before going onto our next challenge.

Each and every one of us must give it everything that we have got, no ifs and buts. It is in our hands and we must all grab it.

Take care,