Barnet Football Club


Barnet manager Martin Allen revealed his disappointment at his side’s performance against AFC Wimbledon this afternoon. 
Speaking after the game, Martin said:
“I thought it was a disappointing performance today.
“I don’t think that we really deserved anything from the game.
“It’s been a good week performance-wise at Plymouth and last Saturday.
“But I would say that today we were second best all over the pitch.
“It’s not very often that I have to say we weren’t at the races, but today we were average.
“It’s obviously given me some things to think about.
“It is our third game in a week, and maybe that was too much for some of our players.
“We’ve got to regroup – the last two home performances have been absolutely superb, away at Plymouth on Tuesday night we played really well again, and perhaps today the third game in a week was just too much for us.
“In the first half hour I think we could have been three goals down.
“We had to improve and do something different.  
“They were getting in too easy – we weren’t competing, we weren’t athletic enough, we weren’t mobile enough and we didn’t play enough.
"Right the way through the team we just weren’t quite at the races.
“So we changed formation and we changed players to try and spark something.
“That extra yard of pace and the competitive nature that we have throughout our team was just a little bit short right from the beginning of the game today.”