Barnet Football Club



Martin: “We’ve played superbly”

Martin Allen was pleased with his team’s performance on against Plymouth on Tuesday night, despite succumbing to a 2-1 defeat at Home Park. 
Speaking after the match, Martin said:
“I thought that we played very well as a team.
“I thought tonight was a superb performance, and it’s very frustrating not to come away with anything. 
“Once again our team has played so well, with such spirit, with such quality, and completely nullified the opposition. 
“How we’ve lost that game I don’t know.
“Plymouth had two shots in the second half and scored two goals. 
“Apart from that, the whole game was played down their end of the pitch. 
“They didn’t create anything and we just dominated the game.
“I’ve never had a spell in my career where we’ve hit the post and the crossbar so many times – it’s been quite surreal the amount of times that has happened.
“I can’t fault the players’ effort, commitment or energy.
“We had a similar problem at Portsmouth a couple of weeks ago, when we were completely and utterly robbed with shocking refereeing decisions. 
“Tonight we’ve played superbly, and the dilemma I’ve got now is how to keep the players believing in what we’re doing.
“These players are champions – we don’t come here just as a middle of the table, ‘two-bob’ team.
“We’re a good team, we’ve got good players, and last season we won away from home all the time. 
“You could see why from the way we played tonight.
“This is what we do, this is how we play and this is what we’ve got – we’ve got very good players and a very good team.
“We have to make sure that we all keep believing, and get ready for our game at Wimbledon on Saturday.”