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Nelson – “We’ve got to stick together.”

Although he agreed it was a frustrating afternoon, he believes the only way to push on, is to push on together. 
With some fans voicing their annoyance from the terraces, Nelson reiterated that this is no time to be divided. 
“They pay their money, they can say what they want. 
But as far as singing for the manager out when you’re 1-0 down with half an hour to go, I don’t really see what sort of impact that’s going to have.”
We were 1-0 down and still in the game. Everyone should be pushing in the right direction."
“We’ve got to stick together. Twitter is massive now for speaking to the fans. Fans tell us they’re right behind us. We get messages of support before and after the game, backing us. And that’s what we want.”
“Obviously there’s going to be times when they’re frustrated.
I have no problem with someone telling me I’ve had a terrible game – I’ve got thick skin. 
But you’ve got to have a look at the squad, and some of the players we’ve brought in, and not everyone is as thick skinned as me. 
Some of them might not take it as well as me, some of them might just go into their shell.”
“Some fans might think about it and act differently, some might not. That’s their decision. 
I can’t tell people what to do, all I can do is try and advise from a players perspective and hope that everyone gets behind us – not just as a team, but as a club.”
“The boys are right behind the gaffer, and I don’t see why the fans can’t be right behind the gaffer as well. 
Let’s do it altogether and see where It can take us.”