Barnet Football Club


Good afternoon,

This morning we have trained lightly with a view of keeping our team fresh and getting them ready for tomorrow’s local derby. They are safe and comfortable and we all still have massive challenges ahead.

After reviewing the evidence from Friday’s game there is no doubt and it is absolutely clear in my mind we need to improve and do better. I will be making changes as players who have trained well deserve to play and players that have not done enough will be left out and with Simeon Akinola, I will wait until late tomorrow to see if he’s fit enough to start.

I will never ever forget that miserable Saturday afternoon down in South London a couple of years ago when we played Welling away. It was a late win and I sat after the game on my own in the back of the stand and I could hear from across the pitch our supporters in full voice singing “We’re on our way” as they left the ground. The noise moved as the supporters made their way along the back of the stand and out onto the main road. It was a magic day and one I will never forget.

Tomorrow we must make another one.

See you all tomorrow,