Barnet Football Club


Inevitably this has led to comments from our traditional match day programme collectors and buyers. We thought it best to address the issue with an explanation behind our decision-making process, to reassure fans that this decision was based on sound commercial reasoning, and after a significant amount of consideration.

Although we receive a very competitive rate to produce the programme from our long-standing printing partners, sales did not even remotely cover costs. In addition, we had the cost of our media team and contributors and distributors, which ranged from full-time salaries to free tickets for their sterling and greatly appreciated efforts.

Last seasons revenue generation from programme sales meant that we lost a substantial amount of money, and with relegation, we felt it necessary to review all operating costs.

We also had to consider our valued business partners who advertise with us and how we could generate more value for them from our product.

Making the programme internet based would in effect be offering them advertising on a global basis 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. As a result, they were hugely supportive of the change, which once again sees Barnet FC leading the way with a pioneering innovation.

We and our advertisers are hugely encouraged by the download numbers from our first two online programmes. Downloads over physical sales have quintupled.

We hope this goes some way to explaining our decision making which has led to the current exciting and unique solution.

Click the below links to view our first two digital programmes: