Barnet Football Club


It has come to the club’s attention that a small minority of adult Barnet fans have been buying concession tickets for home matches, when they are ineligible for such a discount.

Supporters will already be aware that they are photographed each time they enter through the turnstiles at The Hive. So there is clear photographic evidence of those involved.

We are able to match these image with the details that we have on record at the time of booking – so it is easy to determine when entrants do not match the ticket type being used.

We do not wish to have to take action against our own fans, but could be forced to restrict a supporter’s capacity to buy tickets online if the matter persists. It is also worth noting that it is a criminal offence to intentionally purchase and use an incorrect type of ticket – so persistent offenders will be further targeted.

The club would therefore like to make it clear to supporters that we are aware of the problem, and request that a small minority refrain from buying the wrong category of tickets in the future.

This issue affects all of us alike, as ticketing revenue has a direct impact on the team’s transfer fund. We all want the best for Barnet FC and to see the club being successful. So if you spot any adults trying to buy concession tickets then please try and dissuade them – we’re all in this together so let’s stamp out this problem and get behind the Bees!