Barnet Football Club



Rossi aims to make the fans happy

Eames, who was confirmed in the role on Friday after two spells in temporary charge last season, is keen to build a team that captures the imagination of the Bees faithful.
“Finding the right blend and balance is important and so is entertaining the fans,” Eames told “One thing about me is I really want to win.
“I despise losing – I don’t really like drawing either! Winning is a massive part of my game and to do it well, performing consistently, is going to be huge for us.
“The fans work hard all week in their jobs and they’d love to be in my shoes, even more so in the players’ shoes.
“We know we have to excite them and get them off their seats, we want them to sing and smile and, after 90 minutes on a Saturday or a Tuesday evening, we want them going home happy.”
Eames, who has coached at every level from academy to first team since joining Barnet in 2010, had no hesitation in accepting the offer to be head coach on a permanent basis.
“It’s not only a privilege but a great natural progression for me,” he said. “There’s something really special happening at Barnet and has been for a number of years, behind the scenes and on the footballing front.
“I’ve been here for seven years and the club culture has been ingrained in me since day one, the culture that’s embedded in me is progressive and we want to keep that moving forward, adding that winning mentality all around the club.
“I’ve got to say thank you to the chairman and (head of football) James Thorne as well – they’re showing a lot of trust in me. I’m going to work hard and the players and staff are going to work hard.
“We have a good group of players who are also good people and we will certainly add and move forward.
“As staff we have to make sure the players come back fit and they’ll be coming in over the summer, on certain days, before they report properly on June 26th to a fantastic pre-season schedule.
“It’ll be hard but it’ll also be enjoyable and we want to see that come to fruition on the pitch. It’s going to be an exciting season ahead and everyone’s got to enjoy the ride.”