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Rossi Eames & Henry Newman pleased with January business

It was a hectic final day of the January transfer window at The Hive London with four players departing – two of the for good – and Rossi Eames and Henry Newman now believe the squad bears their stamp.
As well as those four exits two others, Sam Muggleton and Luke Gambin, were sold earlier in the month and seven players have joined the Bees.
"We feel positive," Eames said. "We have brought in seven new signings, as everyone knows, and added to the quality and strength of the squad.
"We’ve also had to make way for those players by moving some out on loan and giving two free transfers. If you have too big a squad you can get unhappy players because players need to be playing.
"We’ve got the squad down to 20 and we’ve got a couple of injuries as well. We’re very happy with our January transfer business. 
"The Chairman has been excellent and you’ve seen the quality of players we’ve brought in – we’re very pleased."
Eames added: "We are happy with what we’ve got. We’ve got young Justin Amaluzor and Ephron Mason-Clark who will step up as we have seen with other young players like Jack Taylor and Nana Kyei. 
"We are fully behind them, we fully believe in their potential and they will bring a very bright spark if selected for the team."
Asked if the squad was now ‘theirs’, Newman replied: "Most definitely. We are thoroughly happy with the balance of the squad we’ve got, right through the pitch from goalkeeper to the attacking positions and in relation to opening up the pathway in some of the attacking positions which perhaps wasn’t there beforehand. 
"I think it’s clear to say in the performances that it’s our stamp on the team in relation to the style of football in and out of possession and the mentality the group have got."