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Scott Loach raring to go ahead of play off campaign

Manager Darren Currie, the players and backroom staff returned to The Hive London for the first time since March this morning, as they were all underwent COVID-19 testing. 

Loachy was one of the first through the door and was as usual in high spirits as he caught up with his teammates, albeit from two meters apart, as per the social distancing guidelines imposed across the training ground. 

The Bees return back knowing that they have an exciting few weeks ahead of our play-off eliminator with Yeovil Town. Loach was as anxious as everybody else waiting to hear the news but believes his sides place in the play-offs is most certainly well earned. 

The keeper said: “I don’t want to say it’s been a long 12 weeks, it has been an enjoyable 12 weeks with the family, but there is only so much running I can do! I’m looking forward to having the ball back between my hands and getting back to doing what we do on a daily basis.

“I think as a group when we beat Woking away, I think the fans and the staff, everyone got that feeling that we were in a good chance, particularly with four games in hand. We’re in the play offs and now we have to take that opportunity, to give us a chance to get promoted.”

The testing process is far from a pleasant one, as the back of the throat and the inside of the nose is swabbed. The majority of the players commented on their way out on their thoughts on the experience, it’s fair to say it wasn’t the most enjoyable experience. 

However, the Bees number one was keen not to complain too much about the experience of the testing and highlight the high importance that it is carried out. 

“I think the likes of myself and the other boys who have families just want to get back to work. You’re more than happy to go through a bit of pain and uncomfortableness when there are people out there who can’t get the testing.  

“Whether it’s uncomfortable or not, we’re just happy to be able to get the testing so that we can crack on.”

There may have been a big break since the players were all together but the spirit in the camp hasn’t gone away. The players all laughed and joked amongst themselves whilst they waited to be called in individually for their tests. 

If there is one guarantee in the next few weeks, then the team spirit heading into climax of the strangest of season’s is going to be sky-high.

That spirit is something Loach feels will be a massive benefit to the Bees over the next few weeks of training before the big match against the Glovers. 

“There is a lot of the boys with long hair, I have long hair myself, but I might not change it ’til next year now! I’m 32 now so I might reinvent myself!

“I have said it before we’re not just teammates, we’re a big group of friends too, it’s a close group and an enjoyable environment to work in. It’s good to see the gaffer, Junior and the staff again, we’re all ready for one final push”