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Stacky, Savs and H ‘Grow A Noah’

The trio have been and will continue to grow beards for the duration of October but they have so far found mixed results and reactions from friends and family. 
Club captain Graham Stack is hoping the Bees can raise as much money as possible for what he believes is a fantastic cause.
“I was approached by a lady called Sarah who is trying to raise awareness for a children’s hospice called Noah’s Ark based in North London.
“It helps young children and families who need support physically, mentally and emotionally all free of charge so all of the money raised will go towards maintaining and staffing it.”
Family-man Stack believes it is only right that as a dad he does his bit to help those in need and he’s delighted to have been joined by other members of Edgar Davids’ side. 
“Being a dad of four I felt it was fitting and I am always very keen to do my bit and help raise as much money as possible for a good cause.
“Luckily enough Harry Crawford and Jack Saville have also got on board to help raise as much money and awareness as possible.”
Stack continued by explaining how throughout his career he has used his privileged position to help those less fortunate.
“I’ve tried to support as many good causes as I can throughout my career. I did a lot in Scotland when I played up there with Edinburgh Children’s Hospital and my wife also ran a half-marathon.
“When it comes to children’s hospitals I am happy to help out and especially with Noah’s Ark because it is so close to the club and the local community.”
As Stack mentioned both Harry Crawford and Jack Saville are also taking part but with mixed results so far.
“H is looking very good at the moment but very ginger, even more than usual,” joked Stack. “It makes mine look a light blonde which can’t be a bad thing.
“Savs is looking very patchy at the moment but it’s a good effort from all the lads so far.”
One person who is impressed with the goalkeeper’s effort so far is Mrs Stack, but there has been a bit of confusion with the younger members of the Stack household who think they have a new pet. 
“The wife doesn’t mind it because she likes the rugged look so she’s pretty happy with it. She definitely wouldn’t be a fan of lads like Hydey who are a little too pretty for her.
“She likes fellas, well she likes a fella I should say, with a ruff edge. The kids keep stroking it which is a bit worrying because I think they thinks it’s a hamster but it’s all good fun.”
Next month is of course November and Stack is already considering keeping the moustache and getting more of the lads involved with another great cause. 
“I may continue it into Movember because if the rest of it goes I could have something very special on my hands.
“I’m going to have to stop at some point though because all my friends, family, followers on Twitter and the fans will be skint because they’ve been very generous so far.”
“I think Movember is definitely something we could look at doing as a whole team. It’s another great cause and to be honest some of the lads would look hilarious, can you imagine Gambo, Mauro and Byrner with a moustache!”
To support Stacky, Savs, H and Noah’s Ark click here to donate.