Barnet Football Club


From today (6th July) we will no longer be accepting cash payments across The Hive London, including the Club Shop, bars, footballing centre and ticket office. 

By going cashless there will be many benefits to Bees supporters and importantly it is the safest and most hygienic way to carry out transactions for both our staff and supporters. 

The new cashless system will improve service times during peak periods and shorter service periods such as half-time. 

The results will see increased speed of service and improved security, with staff not handling cash. 

We will be able to accept all major debit/credit cards for both contactless and chip and pin payments across the site. As well as this, supporters will be encouraged to use contactless mobile payments such as Apple/Google pay for higher-priced purchases. 

Everyone at The Hive London is excited by the changeover and look forward to seeing the various benefits of the cashless system going forward.