Barnet Football Club


Talk us through your goal against Grimsby?
“I found some space just outside the box and didn’t overthink it when Jamal passed me the ball. 
I drove at their last line of defensive, gave Curtis the ball and his return pass was quality. 
I knew where the goal was so didn’t have to look up, which bought me valuable time to make solid contact with the ball. 
I looked up and it was passed the keeper!”
What’s life been like since becoming a Bee?
“Life’s been good since I joined. We were unfortunate to miss out on the playoffs, but we’re already looking forward to next season. 
Since being here I’ve grown as a player due to experiences on and off the field.”
How have the side prepared this week ahead of the final game at Crewe?
“We’ve prepared like any other week. 
Rossi has had us working hard on the training field – lots of keep ball and possession based work.”
As the season comes to an end, how have the fans been this campaign?
“Since I’ve been here the fans have been positive and noisy. 
It’s frustrating for them and ourselves when we don’t win but they’ve backed us the whole way! 
Can’t ask for much more then that. They’ve been great.”