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This week Barnet Football Club took to the Twittersphere to get your questions for on loan defender Andy Iro.
We had a great reception and thank you to all who took part, we had some incisive, interesting and hilarious questions put forward so read on to see the best ones and Andy’s response.
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@Joe Clifford – How was it to play in the MLS and, have you found it easier to play in America or England? #AskIro

AI: “It was a great experience playing in the MLS and I hope to go back and play there again one day. It is very different, in England it is more competitive across the board and football is engrained in the culture. I do not think that there is a massive difference between a great player in League Two and a decent player in the Championship but there is a broader range of players here. The exceptional players in the MLS are very good and you can see them playing at the top level.”
@OliMiller14 – How have the fans been at Barnet in your opinion and how do they compare to those in America? #AskIro

AI: “I think that in America football is seen as entertainment and something to take the kids to where as the fans here care a lot and they are very loyal. That said at every club that I have been at, especially this one, the fans have greeted me well and they are very courteous.”

@Manuolivo79 – I am an AC Milan and Bees fan, what do you think of Mario Balotelli? He is on his way to join my team. #AskIro

AI: “I think he is a character. I question some of the things he has done but he is his own man and I respect that because it is hard to be that when you are that high profile. Like I said I respect his individualism but sometimes he could do himself a favour and keep quiet a little more.”
@jackbennett – Fosters or Budweiser? #AskIro

AI: “Newcastle Brown Ale. It was also very popular in America but if you want a good shout try Youngs, which is a port, mixed with a framboise, a Belgian fruity beer, it is delicious!”
@hager22hager – I was in St Louis to see you win the NCAA Championship with UCSB, where does that rank among your footballing achievements? #AskIro

AI: “Probably at the top of the list to be honest because the whole experience of leaving Liverpool for Santa Barbara and then captaining the team to victory was great, I also fought injury all season. We all lived together too so we were best friends, we shared the victory player one to 28 so it was a great experience.”
@GB1886 – Who have you built the closest bond with since joining the club? #AskIro

AI: “I have got on with all the lads. Dave (Stephens) is my roommate and he is a cool guy but for the most part the boys have been great to me. They received me well and were very polite and courteous so it has been easy to settle in.”
@Luuuce_x – Since arriving, what improvements have you seen to the side? And on a personal level, how much has playing regularly helped you? #AskIro

AI: “There is no substitute for it, regular first-team football is something you cannot get from anything but the experience itself. For me it has been a long time without playing but now I have got in the groove it feels great. My first game was Dagenham and Redbridge away and I think what you have seen since then is the emergence of some players who were perhaps in the background before. We have also had a few injuries which has allowed players the opportunity to step in plus we have added new players to the squad on loan, everyone is ready when called upon.”
@RealBenGrunbaum – Have you ever bought yourself on Football Manager?

AI: “No I haven’t,” laughs. “A few of my friends have and they can rub my ego a bit but I try and stay away from those games.” 
@GBennett98 – Who is the funniest member of the team? #AskIro

AI: “There are quite a few. Ricky Holmes is a very funny guy, he has a very dry, sarcastic sense of humour. Graham Stack is the loud one and he has got his own banter but for the most part everyone just bounces off each other and the lads you might not expect sometimes get involved.”
@Chaw14 – What has been your best Barnet moment so far? #AskIro

AI: “Keeping the clean sheet against Gillingham. Overall it was a very solid team performance going up against the team who were top of the league. We dominated the first-half and then we showed great resolve in the second. After that result there was a shift in mentality in the team and it showed what level the team is at despite a poor start to the season.”
@CharlieCassen – How did it feel to score the thoroughly deserved late equaliser against Exeter City? #AskIro

AI: “It was great. I have scored a few goals in my career but nothing like that so it was very cool. I really try to shun away from individual praise or glory and I was a lot prouder of the way we defended in the second-half after conceding twice in the opening 45 minutes. I also remember Barry Fuller making a fantastic block which really gave us the momentum to go on and get a point.”
@OnlyBarnet – As a university educated, well travelled footballer, what would be your dream job and do you have any post-football plans? #AskIro

AI: “I always think about my plans post-football, some are even underway in many aspects. I am very into wellness and i know it is not fully accepted in a lot of places but I am very into spirituality and the connection between mind and body. It will probably be something in the wellness industry but I am also very interested in branding and advertising so that is another route I could take.”
@Schreibmahl – How do you mentally prepare yourself for a game, do you meditate, listen to music or pray? #AskIro

AI: “I meditate but that is very routine for me, it is nothing too out there but I often take a minute before kick-off. The only real preparation I have is that I am thankful I play professional football, I am healthy and I get to see my family every week. I am blessed, no matter the result, no matter the performance that is all I really think about.”
@JDBedells – Who is the best striker you have had to mark?

AI: “Thierry Henry. I have marked a few good ones but he is a very good player. Landon Donovan, Freddie Ljungberg and Alvaro Saborio are also top players. I did not manage to get any shirts, I think the auction them off but I suppose in the game I had Thierry’s shirt in my back pocket,” (laughs) “Actually to tell the truth he banged one in after 89 minutes, it was an unbelievable goal.”
@mattpatphelan99 – Who is your favourite team?

AI: “Newcastle United. I went to my first game when I was six-years-old and I fell in love with them there and then. It was the Andy Cole era and I think that was where I tasted my first Newcastle Brown Ale too!”
@harrysalter1 – If you could play alongside any centre-back in the world who would it be?

AI: “I guess I am a little more old school because I grew up watching the likes of Fabio Cannavaro and Paolo Maldini. The Italians really did perfect the art of defending during that era. If there was ever the opportunity it would definitely be one of those great Italian centre-backs.”