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This week supporters got the opportunity to pitch their questions to the man between the sticks, Graham Stack.
Once again we had some fantastic questions to put forward so thank you to all who took part.
The answers and now in for you to read in full, once again thank you to all of you who took part and we will have another player for you to question next week.
@JoshIlan_BFC – What are your ambitions for Barnet and how does League Two differ to the other divisions you have played in?

GS: “I would certainly like to be promoted during my time here and that is something I have my heart set on. I also missed out on playing in League One and have played in Scotland and Belgium so it would be nice to play in that division. If one things stands out for me in League Two it would be the physicality and what players might not have technically they make up for physically.”
@_tomrose – What made you sign for Barnet?

GS: “The club is moving places and I am a local lad so it is great to be part of what we are trying to achieve and live near home. I have loved every minute of my time here, we have a great bunch of lads, a new stadium on the way and great facilities to train at.”
@james82wood – How do you and the team feel knowing that this is our last season at Underhill?

GS: “Overall we feel very positive. It will be very emotional to leave Underhill especially for the supporters and people who have been at the club for a long time,  but every great club needs to show ambition and be prepared to change, I think it speaks volumes that the club are trying to move forward off the pitch as well as on it.”
@joe4clifford – You have played for many top clubs in your time but what do you think your greatest footballing achievement is?

GS: “Being in the Arsenal squad that went unbeaten for the entire season because I was surrounded by world-class players day in day out. It spoke volumes for me because I was number two to Germany’s number one, Jens Lehmann. My best memory would have to be being an ‘Invincible’. I am still in touch with a few of the players and spoke to Ashley Cole last week after the Burton game and I am sure he is a very happy man after getting his 100th cap against Brazil.”
@OnlyBarnet – Given what happened the other day in Wycombe Wanderers’ game do you think that goalkeepers need more protection from encroaching supporters?

GS: “It is very difficult for a handful of stewards to control almost 10,000 people so I do not think you can blame them. From what I have seen it is more of an issue with younger fans, I do not know if alcohol plays a factor or if it is for a bet but I think it is a disgrace. It is our place of work so imagine if somebody came into your office and tried to throw a punch at you, it is not acceptable. Players are well within their rights to defend themselves if somebody is acting against them in a threatening manner as is anybody in any walk of life.
@DannyBonjuice – Who do you fear in a one on one situation in League Two?

GS: “I have not come up against Tom Pope yet but his record speaks for itself so it will be good to play against him on Saturday. I have not played that many games in League Two but I do not fear going up against anyone, if I am one on one with any player I will always back myself to come out on top.”
@OliMiller14 – Who has the best and worse sense of humour in the Barnet dressing room and who is the worst dressed?

GS: “There are a few contenders for the worst dressed but I would have to go with David Stephens. He looks pretty smart when we go out but on a daily basis he makes no effort whatsoever, he just does not bother. The best sense of humour would be Jack Saville, we have a great squad and all the lads join in but he is one of the more lively ones. The worst I would probably say is Jake Hyde, whenever it is about him he does not like it at all.”
@Downesy97 – What is the best stadium you have ever played at and who is the best player you have come up against?

GS: “There is no contest, Anfield when the supporters sing you’ll never walk alone. If I had to pick a player I would go for Juninho, I played against him in the Carling Cup semi-final for Arsenal, he scored a goal and was simply outstanding.”
@Timotiaaah – Have you ever scored in your career whilst you were in goal?

GS: “Yes I scored a penalty on my Arsenal debut in the Carling Cup against Rotherham. It was very emotional because it was my first game and we went on to win the game so it was a very special memory.”
@twafc – Do you think Arsenal or Spurs will finish higher this season?

GS: “Arsenal, because I cannot for one minute bring myself to say that Tottenham will finish above them, however I do also genuinely believe that Arsenal will come out on top.”
@AHerszaft – How much did Arsene Wenger help you in your early days when you were at Arsenal?

GS: “He was outstanding. He came in when I was a youth team player and he reshaped the club very quickly, to see the club evolve in such a short space of time was unbelievable. We got a new training ground, our diets changed and the way we trained went to a whole new level, we adopted his philosophy very quickly. He was extremely helpful and he also gave me an opportunity in the first-team which I will always be grateful for.”
@conradion19 – What is the most important part of the development of a young goalkeeper?

GS: “Experience, which as a young lad is something you will struggle to find. You need to make sure you are physically and technically developed too because clubs are not going to take a gamble on a player who has not got those things. I went out on loan to Belgium when I was 20-years-old and It was the perfect time for me but I needed both those things to get to that point. Hard work, dedication and listening to the advice of those with experience is also key, you need to be hungry to learn.”
@MarkHoward19 – In your eyes, who is the better player between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi?

GS: “Messi, but you could argue for and against for both players. Many people say Ronaldo has done it in the Premier League but if he can then Messi certainly can. People say he is not as good in the air but he scored a header in the Champions League final. In my opinion Messi’s qualities far outweigh Ronaldo’s, he has a better temperament and he is more in love with the game, everything is football with him and it is what he lives for.”
@DJ6192 – Indian or Chinese?

GS: “You would think this would be an easy one but I have this dilemma every Saturday night, It is a very difficult question,” jokes Stack. “If I had to pick I would say Indian but it is very close.”
@RajKaria – You can have four people on your dream dinner table, who would they be?

GS: "Denzel Washington, Al Pacino and I would also like some female company so probably Sienna Miller. I am not sure who would be my last, probably the east end comedian Micky Flanagan, on second thoughts take out Sienna and get Robert De Niro."