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Read on to see the pre-match thoughts and predictions from the players, backroom staff and more ahead of Saturday’s match against Northampton Town.
View from the box with Graham Stack: “We’re going to win 1-0, I’m not going to elaborate, just a 1-0 win.”
Stacky says: Northampton Town 0-1 Barnet
View from the back with David Stephens: “I don’t want to jinx it, ask me after the final whistle.” 
Stephens says: “Ask me post-match.”
View from the engine room with Mark Byrne: “I think we will win tomorrow. Just like last week we have to go for three points, it is up to us now. If we win we’re safe.”
Byrner says: Northampton Town 0-2 Barnet
View from the wing with Luke Gambin: “It is only going to go one way and that way is us winning the match. We’ve worked hard all week and it will be good to get on the field on Saturday and show what we can do.”
Gambo says: Northampton Town 0-3 Barnet
View from the front with Jake Hyde: “All I know is that we are going to go there and give everything to get the win. If the players we have here do that then I can’t see anything other than a Barnet win. In my eyes winning is the only option and that is what is going to happen.”
Hydey says: Northampton Town 0-2 Barnet
View from the bench with Kenny Brown: “We all know what we want to happen and at the end of the day come 17.00 tomorrow we still want to be in the Football League. Whether that means us winning, losing or drawing whatever way it happens we have to make sure it does but I think we will win 2-1. 
Kenny says: Northampton Town 1-2 Barnet
View from upstairs with Paul Fairclough: “I believe we will win the game tomorrow. I think, actually I know, we are the best football team in the league; we just didn’t completely believe it. But, I think they do now and I think it will be demonstrated tomorrow.” 
Fairclough says: A win.
View from the treatment room with Peter Friar: “We are going to win, end of. The team is healthy and they’re all positive, there is a great buzz around the place. We’re not playing Manchester United we’re playing Northampton and we’re going to win.
Peter says: Northampton Town 1-3 Barnet
View from the boot room with Huseyin Torgut: “Definite win. I’ll go with Edgar Davids to score first and Edgar Davids to score second. The lads are all positive and they will be wearing their home kit tomorrow with black and amber running through their veins.” 
Hus says: Northampton Town 1-2 Barnet
Finally, what the media department are saying: Northampton Town 0-2 Barnet – COME ON YOU BEES!