Barnet Football Club


Match Report: Barnet 0-5 York City

Barnet welcomed York City in a mid-table clash at the Hive. Dean Brennan made one change to his side today, dropping Michael Philips in favour of Connor Smith.

Barnet started the game strong with an early cross into the box by Ben Wynter but the shot from Harry Pritchard went straight into Ethan Ross, York’s keeper. York then had their own early chances with Alex Whittle firing a low driving cross but only finding a Barnet defender. 

The first corner of the game went to Barnet after Smith played the ball into Nicke Kabamba but the York defender got a touch on the ball and rolled out. The ball was crossed in and found Smith who had a touch and then shot the ball just past the wrong side of the post. York had their first corner of the game from a nice long ball from the defence and Alex Hurst tried to get the ball into the box but it comes off a Barnet defender’s leg.

York had a good chance to open the scoring with Hurst finding some space on the right and lashing the ball down and low across the face of Barnet’s goal resulting in a corner. York struck first with the ball coming in towards the front post and coming off a Barnet defender’s leg and went down as an own goal.

Barnet responded quickly with some good passing but Kabamba found himself in an offside position. Dale Gorman tried to play the ball in but the pass is too strong and rolls into the York keeper’s arms. York came close to doubling their lead as they struck the ball towards goal but Laurie Walker palmed the ball over the bar for a York corner. A great ball from the corner and Lenell John-Lewis placed the ball down for Hurst who found the bottom right corner leaving Walker in his place.


Five minutes before the half is up Barnet’s number 14 Harry Pritchard went down but the ref allows play to go until he goes to check on the downed player. Brennan would be disappointed as he is forced to make an early substitution due to injury so Idris Kanu comes on to replace Pritchard.

Barnet’s day got a lot worse as Danny Collinge lost the ball in his own half and dragged down John-Lewis which gave the ref no choice but to give him his second yellow card of the game. York should have tripled their lead as John-Lewis found himself 1 on 1 with Walker who was in two minds but the striker could not keep the ball down as he smashed the ball over the bar.

Right from kick-off York moved the ball well and had an early shot that hit the side of the net. Barnet quickly took a corner with the ball finding Moussa Diarra at the back post but struggles to find any power so the ball is easy for Ross to catch. It did not take long for York City to find their third as a nice worked ball on the right-hand side of the pitch resulted in John-Lewis being free on the back post and just needed to tap the ball into the net. 

John-Lewis doubled his scoring with an uncontested head in the box. Barnet’s best chance of the game came in the dying embers of normal time as Kanu found himself facing the keeper but fired the ball miles over the bar which summed up Barnet’s game. It was looking like the game would finish 4-0 to York but in the 93rd minute, York player Samuel John Sanders found some space as he won a free header and nicely put the ball in the back of the net.

Starting XI: 1. Laurie Walker 4. Danny Collinge 6. Jerome Okimo 8. Dale Gorman 9. Nicke Kabamba 14. Harry Pritchard (39’ 11. Idirs Kanu) 18. Connor Smith 21. Ben Wynter 27. Moussa Diarra (54’ 44. Michael Phillips) 32. Sean Shields 33. Ryan De Havilland   


Attendance: Home 1637. Away 342